Is your child underweight or experiencing failure to thrive (FTT)?  If you or your doctor are concerned that there is a problem with growth, we need to see you.  Struggles with weight gain may stem from a known or unknown health condition.

Poor weight gain and growth in children can be the result of increased energy expenditure and/or decreased energy intake.  We will help to optimize your child’s nutrition, growth, weight changes, and provide you with strategies to promote catch up growth and weight gain.


We NEVER encourage diets in children.  If needed, we DO encourage changes in lifestyle for the whole family to promote optimal weight.  Obesity rates are rising in Canada and it is well known that being overweight can lead to a host of health concerns in adolescence and adulthood.

If you or your child are concerned about their weight, we want to help teach the life skills to make changes.  Skills like label reading, knowing the hidden sources of fat, sugar, and sodium, and how to make healthier choices in the grocery store, cooking at home, and eating out.  It is all a journey of learning and there is no quick fix but your child is so worth the process.