Remember most benefit plans cover the cost of a Dietitian visit.  Many plans provide $500 or more per person, per year! Check yours! 

Nutrition Packages

You may add more visits as you wish or purchase larger health investment packages that will be more beneficial for your success.


Each initial consult includes:

  • Review of diet, health and medical history
  • Review and assess health goals and nutrition habits
  • Realistic and creative advice
  • Tailored nutrition care plan for you or your child’s specific nutritional needs
  • Summary sheet of nutrition care plan
  • Additional helpful resources
  • Summary note sent to your family doctor or Pediatrician, upon request
  • Light email follow up and check-in 2 weeks after consultation

To get the most out of this appointment, you may be asked to complete a food record and a nutrition profile form before your scheduled appointment.  These forms will be emailed to you at least one week prior to your appointment.

PACKAGES (Added value)When choosing a package, simply book your initial consultation and we can schedule the following package appointments together. We can customize a plan that serves you best as well.