Whether you are breastfeeding a baby with allergies or reflux, looking for a formula option, or deciding on when and how to start your little one’s first foods, we are here for you! We can offer you education, resources, and support as you strive to offer your baby the best nutrition possible so they can reach each and every important milestone in their growth and development.


Feeding your young baby can sometimes be a challenge and you might feel overwhelmed.  We completely understand.  We can help with concerns such as:

  • breastmilk supply
  • transitioning from breastmilk to formula
  • colic
  • proper formula selection
  • and more


Adding new foods to your babies diet can be exciting and frustrating all at the same time.  It can take patience and repeated exposures to make you feel like you are getting anywhere.  Maybe you are worried about:

  • WHAT types of foods are good to start with
  • WHEN you should be starting solids
  • HOW much food is enough
  • WHY certain foods are recommended beginner foods over others

We have this covered and can help guide you.


If you just need a ‘check-in’ to make sure your child is growing well, receiving optimal nutrition and thriving like the beautiful babe they are, let us guide you in that.  We all need a little reassurance now and then.