Children who eat the right amount of nutritious foods and are sufficiently active lay the foundation for a healthy life and enjoy lower risks of long-term health concerns. Childhood is a critical period for growth and development. It’s essential that foods supply the energy, protein, fluid, vitamins and minerals they need. Health and nutrition problems often start in childhood, therefore it is important to promote good eating habits throughout this period of life. Chances are, these healthy habits will follow them into adulthood.

From dealing with feeding infants, introducing solids, picky eaters, packing healthy lunches, growth concerns, gut health, adequacy of vitamins and minerals, food-induced hyperactivity,  food allergies, food intolerances and more, parents have many questions about raising healthy eaters.

This is where the Dietitians at Nourished Beginnings come in.  We can help to educate, inspire and support parents, caregivers and children on their journey of optimal nutrition.